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With our express delivery service solution for companies, you can easily manage, control, report, set policies and payments for all your corporate on-demand delivery needs.
All managed via the Bilis Ride for Business portal

Take the complexity out of your package deliveries

Deliveries made easy

Manage single or multiple concurrent deliveries

Hassle Free Usage

Simplified booking, payment, reporting and tracking

Convenience and Ease

Leverage the region’s widest delivery fleet 


Peace of Mind

Highest standards of safety, with all deliveries automatically insured*​

How to use Bilis Ride App

Book a ride

Select your pick-up location and destination. You can also add notes if you need to add more details to your driver.

Find a driver

We will automatically find you the nearest available driver.

Enjoy your ride

Sit back and relax while we bring you to your destination.

Pay and rate

You can pay using your ambilis wallet or in cash.

Safe and convenient

We make sure that all driver applications were thoroughly reviewed by the Support  team to make sure our professional Bilis Ride drivers have complete and proper documents, are physically fit, and have no criminal records.

Smooth transaction

You can either use your Bilis Ride wallet  account or pay in cash to complete your booking. We recommend that you use your Bilis Ride account for cashless transactions.

Available 24/7

Whether traveling solo or by group, you can book your ride anytime. We have thousands of Bilis Ride drivers that can pick you up wherever and whenever.

Be a Bilis Ride Driver

Be a part of our growing community of Bilis Ride drivers!